Conference Calling Phones

The Latest Conference Calling Phone

Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Conference calling phones in the 21st century are above and beyond they're scratchy, feature-limited predecessors. The latest phones have crystal clear quality sound, the latest in communications technology from landlines to fiber optics.

All of these improvements have revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct business. Conference calling plans are mainly designed for budget conscious corporations where cost cutting is priority number one.

In today's world, that means just about every company on the planet. With that eye on the bottom line, businesses still want to maintain security and ease of use.

To that end, most conference calling plans include a 1-800 number, unique security access protocols and an easy method to get all participants into the meeting without fighting with the technology.

These companies address a number of concerns that most businesses have including various features like long distance calling for free member-to-member, flat rates for local calling, and a variety of regional and/or local plans that have low long distance rates down to as little as 3.9 cents per minute per line.

Conference calling phone services usually require that phone conferences are scheduled ahead of time, which plays right into how meetings are scheduled in businesses.

There are a number of models, makes and features available on these phone plans:

  • Two line phone cords
  • Caller ID
  • Directories where frequently called people can be stored
  • 3 way conference calling enabled
  • Multi-language displays
  • VIP "No Disturb" function
  • Storage for automatic dialing to up to 8 frequently called numbers
  • Speaker phone and hands-free capability
  • Callback and dial out number memory
  • Plus, a plethora of features all combined to make conference calling an enjoyable and productive experience.

With these latest upgrades in technology, conference calling phones are an excellent alternative to travel and time lost for traditional meetings.

As a result, this new method of bringing all facets of a business to the table simultaneously is being adopted by corporations worldwide.

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